More than a Hotel, the Douro in a Single Estate

Ventozelo is not just a Hotel. It is, most of all, a Portuguese Quinta, where all visitors are welcomed kindly, with home hospitality.

And to those arriving, we leave our invitation to stay longer. 

Stay longer to rest and inhabit the various spaces that were rebuilt, but maintain the simple origin and character that defined the Douro estates. 

Stay longer to know and taste, to experience the gastronomy, the local and regional flavours, naturally paired here with the Port and Douro wines of Quinta de Ventozelo. 

Stay longer to discover the Douro through the eyes of Ventozelo, the striking aspects of its territory, its history and landscapes. 

Stay longer to learn, experiencing the daily routine of a Quinta, walking through the trails or simply watching the diversity of all ecosystems that are present here.

To Taste

Experience the local gastronomy at our Cantina de Ventozelo – Restaurante & Wine Bar, a place where, in the old days, the meals were served to the farmworkers.

On the esplanade, with views over the Quinta and the Douro River, the delicacies gain new flavours. Traditional Douro and Trás-os.Montes recipes, made with produce grown in the Quinta, will be at the table. And, naturally, they will be paired with Port and Douro wines of Ventozelo.

RNET -  8700